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Design-led producer of writing boards, notice boards, office screens and sound absorbers. Made in Sweden since 1983.


You want a space of your own, a place for your thoughts, your ideas and your words. LINTEX manufactures writing boards for schools and offices but bring to this a stringency and subtlety like a well-developed fashion line. They add style and design expertise in a world in which aesthetics have, for years, taken a back seat. Whiteboards, office screens and sound absorbers have been the anonymous carthorses of schools and conference premises. LINTEX have changed all that, aiming to surprise and challenge the image of what a writing board can be.

LINTEX maintains its very own attitude in this world of non- design. By working with a number of Scandinavia’s leading designers they give writable surfaces a stylish and functional beauty by using tempered glass, high end textiles, solid wood and enamelled steel. The focus on design and materiality heightens function of the products, making them a delight to use. The products deliver a simple function, but they do it with elegance. The level of design also improves what is written on the boards. Beautiful tools enhance creativity, out- of-the-box thinking and new options. That is why the products are so popular and that is why LINTEX is market leader in its field. Thinking big and never be afraid of being different.

LINTEX is a family business founded in 1983. Head office and factory are located in the town of Nybro in southern Sweden, a district associated with inventiveness and with Swedish handmade glass. LINTEX have subsidiary’s, sales offices and agents elsewhere in Scandinavia, Europe and various parts of the world.

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